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poMMo Mailer Hyper

hosting 15347030
3 545 CZK per unit for buying at least 3


PoMMo mailer is a versatile opensource software for mass mail. Included in the service, you will receive the poMMo mailer installed on the * subdomain. The poMMo application will be set up to send emails via SENDMAIL ssing 3 Czech IPv4 addresses from different ranges of 3 VPS servers. Upon request, we can import the mailing list into the poMMo application and create the supplied text/mail template.

PoMMo Mailer Features:

  • Sending via 3 Czech unshared IP addresses from different ranges
  • Sending via 3 Czech unshared VPS servers
  • Resolving bounce e-mails
  • Manage your own mail-list
  • Log out / Log in subscribing
  • Sending an email in both HTML and TEXT versions
  • Custom templates
  • Simply sending reports
  • Test emails
  • Sending history
  • Email text customization
  • Addresses Management
  • Own IPv4 address.
  • DKIM, SPF support


  • Installation on the subdomain * (Domain alias is possible)
  • No limit for sending emails per month
  • English Interface
  • Guaranteed poMMo mailer performance
  • Install on your own 3 domains

The price includes the cost of removing IP addresses from blacklists, consulting and server management.